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Home Selling Process

If you’re considering selling your Southern Maryland or surrounding area home with iRealty, read on to learn more about the process from initial consultation to post-settlement.

#1 Initial Consultation

We have an initial consultation over the phone to discuss your real estate goals and see how we can assist you and where you are in the preparation process to sell your home.

#2 Comparative Market Analysis

Beware of any professionals that claim that they are able to determine the value of your home by using your address and giving you a number. We visit your home in-person to provide a thorough Comparative Market Analysis and we accomplish this by ascertaining the following information:

  1. The overall condition / upkeep of your home
  2. What amenities / features your home has
  3. What amenities / features that your home does not have
  4. What areas of improvement are needed to maximize resale value
  5. To view the home through a potential buyer’s eyes to see if any repairs need to be done prior to listing
  6. To determine if there are any financing or appraisal requirements that need to be met
  7. To fully explain these findings with you in detail and answer any questions / concerns that you may have

#3 Live Comparative Market Analysis

We send you the Live Comparative Market Analysis which is an interactive link to the Marketing Plan and Pricing Analysis that we provide specifically for you and your home.

#4 Estimate Seller’s Net Sheet

We provide an Estimate Seller’s Net Sheet that details your expected Net proceeds at settlement that are based on the agreed upon Sales Price of your home, any Mortgage Payoff requirements, Transfer Taxes, Title Fees, and the Sales & Listing Commission charges.

#5 3-D Photo Shoot

We help you understand how to stage / organize your home for the High Definition / 3-D Photo Shoot and schedule that appointment. We use High Definition / 3-D photography so that potential Buyers can see the entire home virtually and via video. This helps to reduce unnecessary traffic through your home but also serves to make the live in-person showing even more productive.

#6 Home Listing

We list your home on the MLS and start aggressively marketing your home through every available on-line portal to show your home to millions of potential buyers in the market.

#7 Review Offers

We preview all viable offers for your home and ensure that they are all vetted prior to you reviewing them. We organize them and explain the intricacies of each offer. The offer with the highest sales price is not always the best offer and we explain that to you in detail.

#8 Contract

After ratifying a contract, we engage our Transaction Coordination Team into the process. This team reviews the contract a third time for accurateness and manages the timelines, dates, and communication between all of the other real estate professionals in the process like the Loan Officer, the Buyer’s Agent, the Title Company, the Home & Termite Inspectors while also ensuring that the Earnest Money Deposit has been deposited on time, and keeping track of the multiple deadlines and timelines in the transaction.

#9 Settlement

After 30 – 45 days of facilitating and coordinating the transaction, we go to settlement. Whether you are relocating outside of the area or you just can’t make it to settlement, we can schedule your settlement to occur in another state or wherever or whenever it is convenient for you. We handle the key exchange and utility turnover to the new buyer and ensure that your proceeds are wired to the account of your choosing.

#10 Documents

Post-Closing, we ensure that your settlement documents are delivered to you via paper, thumb drive, CD, or even in a secure cloud-based portal if you prefer. We maintain those files for you for 5 years.